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MinerFarm is a Cloud Mining that works like cloud mining systems. You can experience Bitcoin mining and withdraw the coins that you produced on that cloud mining like system to your wallet

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What is MinerFarm?

MinerFarm is a Cloud Mining that works like cloud mining systems. You can experience Bitcoin mining and withdraw the coins that you produced on that cloud mining like system to your wallet. MinerFarm simulates the real life situations, hence you should create smart strategies in order to maximize your earnings. You can use the Bitcoins you produced inside the game for increasing your production capacity, or you can deposit Bitcoins to your account for purchasing miners. You can withdraw the Bitcoins that produced to your wallet anytime you want and use them in real life.

Is MinerFarm A Ponzi Scheme ?

That is the most obvious question. MinerFarm is not a Ponzi because site has many different incomes apart from the player's in-game purchases. At the end of the day MinerFarm is a strategy game that generates real Bitcoins and the team that developed the game has incomes from different sources in order to keep the game alive.

How Does MinerFarm Work ?

When you register to MinerFarm, it gives a entry level miner device and power supply as a welcome present. So, player can start mining immediately. And if the player wants to increase his production capacity, he can purchase more miners and other devices. Player can purchase those from the Shop section in the game, or can buy second hand devices sold by other players from the Trade section.

Since MinerFarm simulates the real life situations, you should purchase power supplies in order to provide enough energy to your miners. And since miners produce heat, and heat decreases the efficiency of miners, you should purchase coolers in order to keep the environment temperature at the optimum level. In addition, working devices need regular maintenance and repair. If you don't repair your device you will notice that it will decrease it's efficiency day by day. You should hire technicians for the repair process and every additional technician decreases the repair time.

Can I Withdraw My Balance and Quit Game Whenever I Want ?

Different from other cloud mining websites, MinerFarm let's you to sell your miners to other players. Hence, you can sell your miners to other players at your desired price and leave the game anytime you want.

Does MinerFarm Really Mining Coins ?

MinerFarm provides you a virtual rig and does not really dig coins. Blocks that are found are virtual and there is no direct relation to real Bitcoin network. But real and actual difficulty is also applied to MinerFarm and other real life situations (ie electricity, temperature, device maintenance) are also applied to the game. You produce coins with your miners exactly same as real life.

Can I Request the Physical Miners and Devices I Purchased Inside the Game ?

No, all miner and device are virtual inside the system, they do not physically appear. Hence, you cannot request them.

Can I Create My Own Pool Inside the Game ?

Yes, every player who fulfills the requirements can create a pool. So they can increase their earnings with collecting pool maintenance cost from the pool attendees.

Can I Withdraw My Bitcoins In My Account Whenever I Want ?

Yes, you can withdraw your balance whenever you want. The only limitation is there is a minimum threshold of 0.005 BTC due to transfer costs.

Are There Any Commissions For Trades Between Players?

Commission rate is 2% until further notice.

Can I Create Multiple Accounts With One Email?

No, you can create one account with one email address. In addition, you have to activate your account by following the directions in the activation email you will receive.

Can I Create Multiple Accounts Using Different Emails?

Yes, you can create and activate multiple accounts (max:5) with different emails. But we detect any abuse in the system, we keep right to suspend accounts.

Can I Invite My Friends to MinerFarm for Reference Income?

We would be happy if you invite your friends with your invitation codes.

How it works?

Start with 10 Gh/s miner which is already supplied to your account

You will have a 10 Gh/s miner as a welcome present when you register to game.

Purchase more Gh/s for earning more.

Purchase as many as miners from in game shop or trade section.

Start earning Bitcoin immediately

Purchased miners start mining automatically and your earnings are credited to your account

Withdraw from your account anytime you want

You can transfer your game balance to your real Bitcoin wallet anytime you want

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